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treatments treatments may include

Treatments may include

After an assessment, I will treat your condition using any of a number of methods including manual therapy, electrotherapy, rehabilitation as well as preventative advice.

Manual Therapy

May consist of any of the following modalities:-

  • Mobilisation - a more gentle technique to loosen stiff joints and ease painful joints.
  • Manipulation - a high velocity thrust technique used to help loosen a stiff joint
  • Soft tissue techniques - massage, deep tissue, trigger point and muscle energy techniques.
  • Traction - a gentle stretching technique.


  • Therapeutic Ultrasound - Produces high-frequency sound waves which create mechanical energy so improving blood circulation to the treated area. Cellular changes also take place in the tissues to effect healing. Ultrasound can be used to treat tendons, muscles, tendons and other soft tissues injuries.


  • Exercise programmes - specific to your individual problem.
  • Muscle imbalance correction.
  • Taping

Preventative Advice

  • Postural re-education.
  • Appropriate stretching.

I Stock the following:

  • Hot Wheat Packs
  • Lumbar Rolls
  • Hot/Cold Theraflex

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